Shelving - Pallet racks are available in a number of configurations and styles. Some factors affecting the type of rack chosen would include:

 • Cost
 • Available space
 • Weight of materials

A selective pallet rack, which consists of upright frames and cross beams, is the most common type. Selective pallet racks can be set up individually or combined with other uprights and beams to form rows or racking. Shelves can also be added by installing additional beams, which are normally covered with wood or wire decking.

Wide span - Wide Span Shelving Systems consists of a heavy steel framework combined with either a particle board or wire shelves to provide a cost effective solution to your storage needs. Single-rivet and double-rivet beams construct durable shelving that can handle capacities ranging from 200 to 1,000 lbs. Best of all, Wide Span Shelving Systems units offer you the most space-saving, economical storage space possible. Utilized for medium to large parts and box applications. Wide variety of widths, depths, and heights.

Boltless - Boltless Shelving With many sizes available including widths up to 96" and depths from 12" to 48", our rivet style shelving can be used for just about any hand loaded application imaginable. From simple backroom storage, to two story catwalk systems for record storage facilities, this shelving can do it all. Purchase our boltless shelving with or without the 5/8" particle board decking, also available in a wide variety of heights up to 20' high.

Open - High visibility - ideal for storing packaged stock, and other material without assigned shelf locations. Lapped and welded shelf corners provide added strength and durability. All pre-engineered sections are 36" wide, 84" high, with shelves adjustable on 1 1/2" centers. Meet varying capacity requirements by assembling mixed or matched sections of the same depth and height.

Steel edge - Deep Reach Racking is the placement of a row of standard pallet rack behind another. A wise choice for increased density in situations where you may typically have 5 or more pallet loads of any particular identical product. Using a deep reach lift truck, an operator places one pallet into the system first, then another in front of it, enabling twice as many pallets to be stored for a given number of aisles.

Building additional warehouse space doesn't make sense if your current space isn't being used to its maximum potential.

Let our warehouse shelving specialists assist you with your warehouse layout and design. We have a solution that will fit your needs. To learn more contact us at 1.314.389.2100.


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• Pallet flow rack
• Deep reach rack
• Cantilever rack


• Wide span shelving
• Boltless shelving
• Heavy duty shelving
• Industrial shelving
• Open / Closed
• Steel edge shelving

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